What’s in a Name?

Our name? Just in case you were wondering. The meaning for us is that the best decisions, the most influential, truly differentiating, and construct critical decisions are based on the sometimes nuanced expressions and analytical outcomes that rest within the gray shades.  To be successful in today’s world of commerce requires more than executing the obvious mechanics of business planning; it requires a framework for unbounded creativity yet bridled unobtrusively through leadership.  We help young companies do that.

Early inspirations are definitely from Ansel Adams; and to the wonderful and silvery Pacific Northwest winter skies that inspire contemporary ruminations.


About Randy Cobena

I am Randy Cobena, founder of The GrayShayds Project. My project is focused on entrepreneurship in the community; to harness new ideas and bring substance to compelling breakthrough innovations that shape the pathways of commerce tomorrow. Working to make a difference today.
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