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$20B Brand Advertising Opportunity for U.S. Consumer Internet

TC Teardown: Who Is Best Positioned To Win The $20 Billion Brand Advertising Prize?. I found this article very valuable in breaking down the business opportunity for web social platform providers (apps, services, interactive etc)  to capture greater share of … Continue reading

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Today’s Big Iron: Some Computing Problems Don’t Change – Like the Network Bandwidth Constraint to True High Performance

How Hunch Built a Data-Crunching Monster. Latency remains a big problem for social platform innovators creating new software systems that very rapidly produce user profile dimensions and recommendations from very large indexed data sets. Notice the fall back to assembler … Continue reading

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The Browser vs. The Mobile App, Who Wins?

How Dead Is the Web? – Jared Keller – Technology – The Atlantic. This is a quick read published by Jared Keller of the Atlantic on the current state, and prediction,  of the consumer’s internet experience in light of all … Continue reading

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NYTimes Elaborates on IDC Prediction of “End of the PC Era”

Smartphones and Tablets Will Take Over in 2011, Researchers Say – Another perspective on how the shift in the computing paradigm will redefine the market for how consumers and businesses take-up technology offerings, mainly software applications and cloud services.

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Look at these Top 5 2011 IDC Predictions

5 Predictions for 2011 From IDC. We are indeed at the beginning of a major transformation of the social economy driven by intuitive and fluid software applications for social interaction; made possible by exponentially greater levels of power and performance … Continue reading

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A 25% Tax Credit For Angel Investors in Michigan (maybe Oregon too?)

Bill Allowing 25% Tax Credits For Angel Investors Heads For Michigan Governor’s Signature | Xconomy. Do we have this in Oregon? If not, we should have this.  Note the comment about how this tax action will unlock investment funds for … Continue reading

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US-South Korea Trade Pact Could Mean Thousands Of US Jobs

US-South Korea Trade Pact Could Mean Thousands Of US Jobs. This is a great development, $10B in exports, 70k jobs. My community can benefit through exporting commercial software technologi­es for mutual economic developmen­t  

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Portland: Lifestyle & Financial Success, We Do Have Both

Last week the Mayor presented a progress report on the efforts to date by the City and Portland Development Commission in creating a plan to drive economic development within the Software Industry.  It was an informative and well-organized delivery of … Continue reading

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He Found a Niche

I’d say he found a good formula for wealth creation! RC

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Portland’s Startup Dilema

Portland’s startup dilemma – how do we get investor money to flow toward the start-up?  I agree with David Hornick of August Capital in the recent TechCrunch article,,  that you first need to establish a solid local ecosystem that … Continue reading

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