Look at these Top 5 2011 IDC Predictions

5 Predictions for 2011 From IDC.

We are indeed at the beginning of a major transformation of the social economy driven by intuitive and fluid software applications for social interaction; made possible by exponentially greater levels of power and performance of hand-held mobile hardware devices and higher speed telecommunications networks. We are rapidly progressing into the new era of an always-connected mobile community that transforms the way our society and the world at large engages in services such as entertainment, digital conversation, interactive media, education and in commercial transactions such as health-care and public services.

The entrepreneurial and enterprise potential through production of software-aligned technology products and services is at the level not before realized except in comparison to the completely revolutionary and trans-formative cycles of the two prior generations of end-user software computing: the PC-based applications of the 1980/90s and the Internet/Browser bounded applications of 2000s.

Through the evolution of digital social communication that is accessed and engaged through fluid software applications on mobile devices we will no longer be constrained by the internet in our social computing.  The orders of magnitude for value creation within the mobile-computing, software application space is almost immeasurable; rest assured it looks very promising for developers, for cloud services providers and the entrepreneurs that align the capital to make these things happen.  This is Generation 2020 coming your way.


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