The Browser vs. The Mobile App, Who Wins?

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How Dead Is the Web? – Jared Keller – Technology – The Atlantic.

This is a quick read published by Jared Keller of the Atlantic on the current state, and prediction,  of the consumer’s internet experience in light of all the chatter about displacement of the static browser vis-a-vis the more fluid app-laden mobile device.

It seems advancements brought by HTML5 and related tools may evolve, extend and regenerate the life of the “web-site” through greater accessibility, interactivity and functionality; and how this enhanced capability will target the users’ desired qualities of sharing, socializing and engagement.  Thus, we will likely continue to evolve the converged internet experience through the web browser as much as we do the mobile app.

I found a bit humorous the moderator’s comment that “people will pay the for the opportunity to share”.  This statement sure does make us sound desperate … Nonetheless, to me, the consumers’ significant desire to “share” through a digital dialogue really further extends the concept of creating enterprise value beyond social networking as a way to monetize relationships by selling ads into content.  This incrementally emphasizes the paid subscription as a key component of value determination.

I enjoyed the article enough to share it with you.


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