Which Portland? America’s Best Cities for Young Professionals

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Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Portland, Oregon should be on this list. We are a  mecca for young people, including young professionals.  There are significant industry players in the technology community that are based here,  and we have a great presence in medical sciences, financial services, global trade, sustainable energies, did I mention sports among others; and we have a great urban university and a couple more just South.

Why is there no jobs growth? Actually, here in Oregon we have continuing job reduction.   We need to get more companies applying the cash in their idle bank accounts by making investments in innovation via incubating new ideas and creating market breakthroughs which in turn creates jobs, profits and wealth.  Building a company though should be as much about investing in the community for the longer term to create a sustaining economic contribution through employment and the local tax contributions, not just a quick exit play.   And too many legacy, mature companies today are sitting on huge piles of cash, doing nothing, and instead of investing for innovation they continue to carve out jobs en-masse; this decimates  communities, bringing them to stagflation. This is rapidly becoming our National problem.

I read a story yesterday about one of our hot local exciting start-ups in apparel.  Here was (is) a great opportunity for the local entrepreneur to create local jobs and build community; sounds great but the founder should rethink the idea of manufacturing offshore and invest locally in the community to produce the goods.  I believe the economics of local production will even out and it will have greater impact to the local jobs market which we desperately need.  Take a truly global view of what it means to build a company in a community.


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