Celebrate Global Entreprenuership Week: Nov. 14, 2011


Fall is always a time for reflection, a time to refresh your ideas and a time to update your goals for the next year.  Most enterprises go through a formal planning cycle this time of year to rebalance and refresh.  What about your new ideas?  How are you going to better enable your organization to become more innovative and entrepreneurial to advance the ball?

November brings Fall to a close and what better time to celebrate entrepreneurship.  Global Entrepreneurship Week brings a celebratory atmosphere to being creative and striving to harness that next breakthrough innovation that can transform something.  Through the spirit of being entrepreneurial, we can each advocate for constructive, positive change in our community.  We can promote beneficial things, perhaps philanthropical, socially, commercially, and equality.

You may even launch a new company, or make plans to; so that your boldest ideas have a way to seek reality.  It is better to dream, and to seek to make it happen in some way than to look back next Fall upon a weathered hope.  And if you fail, celebrate the fact that you reached out there with enthusiasm.

Entrepreneurship, the mindset and activity of being entrepreneurial, is all about advocating and promoting something you feel passionate about.  Yes, its primary links are to creating new business ventures, and its great to harvest a commercial success with something you create; but it is not limited to business, money and the pursuit of wealth.  It is also about enabling good things to happen in your community.  It is the way to promote social well-being in a manner that can generate opportunities for better lives for all. Things like sustainable job creation, the opportunity to scale new businesses that contribute taxes for infrastructure and services, rebuilding and revitalizing local economies and the promotion of indigenous technological strengths of the community around which other economically beneficial support systems emerge.

What are you doing during GEW?  I hope it is something inspiring.  Something that gives air and light to your ideas, and in ways that advance well-being in the community.  Give it shot, it is funtastic!


About Randy Cobena

I am Randy Cobena, founder of The GrayShayds Project. My project is focused on entrepreneurship in the community; to harness new ideas and bring substance to compelling breakthrough innovations that shape the pathways of commerce tomorrow. Working to make a difference today.
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