Looking Ahead

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In Portland Oregon, the Pacific Northwest (I just love that phrase) and America, the year will be a continued focus on building the momentum in executing the vision to make the new economy model deliver prosperity for those fixated on bringing their dreams to reality.

This post is simply about giving my comments of hope, caution and encouragement to all of my friends and colleagues; and even a few I haven’t met yet.  Let’s make great thing happen this year, let’s engage the community for social good and make some change.  And let’s do it a way that champions the cause of free enterprise; ethical capitalism that executes in a way that provides pathways of opportunity for every one of those folks who has a dream and needs a lil bit of support to get there.

That’s it. May all your dreams come true.


About Randy Cobena

I am Randy Cobena, founder of The GrayShayds Project. My project is focused on entrepreneurship in the community; to harness new ideas and bring substance to compelling breakthrough innovations that shape the pathways of commerce tomorrow. Working to make a difference today.
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