About GrayShayds™

The GrayShayds™ Project serves as a mentoring initiative that operates to help drive development of disruptive innovation in technology, create new products and advance commercialization.

We support start-ups in their incubation effort, from concept stage through their early stage growth; we also help enable the entrepreneurial ecosystem in which starts-ups thrive by working to bring resources together and build critical mass around entrepreneurship in technology.  We like to work as a collaborative conduit for bringing the right talent energies together to make these things happen.

Our mission is bringing the innovators behind new business ideas together with accomplished interdisciplinary experts for the mentoring, leadership,  program development and execution needed to help create, grow and sustain business form that produces new enterprises and breakthrough products.

Our goal is to help organizations extend the focal lens of innovation by making things happen commercially for inventors, investors and business managers who are hopeful in the creation of new business opportunities.  We work to foster healthy economies through innovation.

How do we do this?  We are creatives as much as we are producers; helping founders design and execute development programs that help accelerate launch, scale-up and growth.   We like to help organizations put in play the myriad of well-timed and orchestrated resources needed for commercialization.  Tangibly, we help arrange for and manage the resources needed for business structure, along with mentoring and leadership amid the innate disruption of the creative process; we offer guidance to help assure that the nucleus forms well, and help our partners pass due diligence and prepare for growth.

The sundry of tools required for successful business launch that we help with include: the expert knowledge for company formation, R&D, IP management, brand strategy, promotion and market launch planning, technology development, strategic planning; and concretely establishing the mechanisms and processes for scaling business operations.

GrayShayds has an industry focus on the many forms of interactive media found within the consumer web experience ; this focus often takes the form of product deployment in industries ranging from social media, digital media content delivery, business-to-consumer transactions, health-care, sustainable energy innovation, public sector service delivery, enterprise ERP and pure-play technology, among others.

Our name? Just if you were wondering. The meaning for us is that the most influential and truly differentiating business decisions that drive breakthrough innovations are sometimes based on the nuanced expressions that rest within the gray shades of life.  (Kudos also go to Ansel Adams for his wonderful thought-provoking inspirations)

To be successful in today’s world of commerce requires more than executing the obvious mechanics of business planning; it requires a framework for unbounded creativity yet bridled unobtrusively through collaborative leadership.

We help young companies do that.