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I am Randy Cobena, founder of The GrayShayds Project. My project is focused on entrepreneurship in the community; to harness new ideas and bring substance to compelling breakthrough innovations that shape the pathways of commerce tomorrow. Working to make a difference today.

Looking Ahead

Image via Wikipedia In Portland Oregon, the Pacific Northwest (I just love that phrase) and America, the year will be a continued focus on building the momentum in executing the vision to make the new economy model deliver prosperity for those fixated … Continue reading

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The Funk Brothers, a tremendous influence

Standing in the Shadows of Motown (2002) – IMDb. I watched this film today.  Wow, what an emotional experience for someone who grew up through the influences of Motown and their artists.  Memories ran through my mind with a warmth … Continue reading

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Celebrate Global Entreprenuership Week: Nov. 14, 2011                              Fall is always a time for reflection, a time to refresh your ideas and a time to update your goals for the next year.  Most enterprises go through a formal planning cycle this time of year to rebalance and refresh.  What about your … Continue reading

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The State of Venture Capital and the Internet | TechCrunch

The State of Venture Capital and the Internet | TechCrunch. The slide set contained in this article cleanly captures the current affairs of the VC market and Start-up community.  Though rather lite on how the disruptive technology eco-system can better foster development of … Continue reading

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The Fed says: no more QE, that ship has sailed ?

Ben Bernanke, Existentialist | Daniel Gross – Yahoo! Finance. for the Cliff Notes and here for a little more substance: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke Hints At Potential Need For Additional Stimulus Maybe there will no QEx, lets hope not.  We … Continue reading

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Which Portland? America’s Best Cities for Young Professionals

See This Story: Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Portland, Oregon should be on this list. We are a  mecca for young people, including young professionals.  There are significant industry players in the technology community that are based here,  and we have a … Continue reading

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Tri-Met’s Open Source App Gets Media Attention from Government Technology Write-Up

Kudo’s go out to the programmers, designers and innovation leadership folks at Tri-Met for taking risks to create community focused solutions in a very cost-effective manner.  The OpenTripPlanner application gets good reviews and a Top Story billing at that. Through … Continue reading

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$20B Brand Advertising Opportunity for U.S. Consumer Internet

TC Teardown: Who Is Best Positioned To Win The $20 Billion Brand Advertising Prize?. I found this article very valuable in breaking down the business opportunity for web social platform providers (apps, services, interactive etc)  to capture greater share of … Continue reading

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Today’s Big Iron: Some Computing Problems Don’t Change – Like the Network Bandwidth Constraint to True High Performance

How Hunch Built a Data-Crunching Monster. Latency remains a big problem for social platform innovators creating new software systems that very rapidly produce user profile dimensions and recommendations from very large indexed data sets. Notice the fall back to assembler … Continue reading

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The Browser vs. The Mobile App, Who Wins?

How Dead Is the Web? – Jared Keller – Technology – The Atlantic. This is a quick read published by Jared Keller of the Atlantic on the current state, and prediction,  of the consumer’s internet experience in light of all … Continue reading

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